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EARNSURED ASSET MANAGEMENT is an Independent Investment Management Firm with a diversified range of strategies geared towards enriching our clientele of private and institutional investors across the globe. We also offer Venture Capital Funding, loans, Advisory services, passive income for our clients, investees and investors.

In January 2018, we lunched the EAM DeFi Fund. An Innovative fund that leverages the power of DeFi (Decentralized Financing) to build and operate a global investment community. This fund is completely managed by Earnsured Asset Management, powered by blockchain technology, funded by investors across the globe and invests in global opportunities. EAM DeFi fund allows us to efficiently fund and manage assets in countries across the world with major strongholds.

With over $1.2 billion Asset Under Management, the EAM DeFi Fund consists of ETFs, Global Hedgefunds, Crypto Assets, Stocks, CFDs, Forex and eREITs.

We leverage Cryptocurrency, latest developments in technology and the experience of our founding general partners to ensure that we keep our promise that our clients can never lose money. Our huge financial reserves in excess of $100 million dollars ensures that we pay our clients the profits we promised them even when an "Act of God" prevents us from being profitable in our investment of client funds which of course has never happened before.

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Our DeFi Community provides an alternative to every financial service in use today — savings, loans, wealth management and investments.

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