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What is DeFi?

DeFi which is an abbreviation for Decentralized Financing leverages blockchain technology to make financial services and investment opportunities available for everyone regardless of location.

How does the EAM DeFi Fund work?

EAM DeFi fund is a Hybrid rolling fund that combines Traditional investment and DeFi strategies to yield high interest for investors.

How is the EAM DeFi fund a hybrid fund?

We make our profits through DeFi projects and strategies that replace or work side by side with Traditional financial services such as lending, derivatives trading, venture capital and investment banking. We also manage all smart contracts and profit strategies ourselves so we can handle all risk to ensure maximum profitability.

How is the EAM DeFi fund a rolling fund?

The fact that EAM DeFi fund is a rolling fund implies that we are always fundraising and writing investment cheques throughout the year.

What strategy does EAM use to guarantee 10X returns 13 months?

This strategy is compound interest. EAM DeFi fund investors get about 20% interest monthly on all their investments. However, when in compound mode, profits are reinvested monthly thereby increasing capital and consequently profit

What differentiates EAM DeFi fund from traditional funds?

EAM DeFi fund is a global fund that is available for everyone. It has no need for traditional financial institutions or centralized exchanges and protects the privacy of community members.

Is there any risk of losing my investment?

No. This is because EAM bears all the risks by structuring the EAM DeFi fund as a hybrid fund that combines the risk averseness of Traditional investments and the decentralized nature of DeFi.

Who can invest in the EAM DeFi fund?

Anybody with a smartphone and an internet connection. Location doesn’t matter.