EAM Loan Offerings

We provide Zero interest loans to members of our community and low interest loans to members of the public. These loans can be personal or business loans and can be offered to anybody who meets our requirements regardless of location. Hence we offer loans to people in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, the Middle East, the United states of America and Africa.

For members of the EAM community, we offer zero interest loans as your profits are used as collateral. You can request loans up to 10X of your invested capital.

For members of the public who need loans from us, we provide low interest loans that can go as low as 6% per annum. However, you need to provide collateral thats 1/10th the equivalent of the loan you require. The collateral has to be Bitcoin or Ethereum and after you pay off your loan and interest, we return your Bitcoin or Ethereum. Essentially, we help you to HODL as you do not need to sell your crypto to solve your pressing needs.

Loans are an integral part of what we do. We work closely with businesses and not all businesses are venture backable as what a lot of businesses require are loans. Due to Decentralized Financing, we are able to offer loans to community members and the public based on terms that are humane/considerate.

Personal loans are also popular on our DeFi platform as people need funds to solve problems. We help them solve these problems without depleting their crypto reserves.

It is important to note that we dont invest our liqudity pool (community member funds) in financing loans. These are funded from our EAM reserves as the aim of offering loans is to build the DeFi Ecosystem.

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