Referral Program

Referral Program

Any registered user of our website is able to promote by using his own unique refferal link or advertisement banners on forums for investors, own website or even personal blog. Share your link with your friends, relatives, and colleagues; tell them about the company and its benefits, share your own achievements. When people find your shared information about investment project and register accounts on the website they become your referrals. Once someone does it we send you an email notification.

Every referral earns you a commission when they have started an investment with us. This commission is a one-time payment that is paid based on your referral's invested capital.

Your own deposit is not required to invite investors and earn. Just register and use your referral link.

The more you have active referrals the more you qualify for the next level and earn higher commissions.

LEVEL 1 earns you 6% of your referral’s invested capital, refer 5 people to qualify for level 2.
LEVEL 2 earns you 8% of your referral’s invested capital, refer 10 people to qualify for level 3.
LEVEL 3 earns you 10% of your referral’s invested capital, refer 20 people to qualify for a chance to win one of the grand prices at our yearly summits.

Representatives And Affliates

In a quest to become a globally recognized investment company, we have adopted the medium of employing representatives/affiliate marketers in different countries. We are pleased to offer the best terms for all those who are capable of assisting us in promoting the project far beyond their various countries. Undoubtedly, your efforts will be fairly rewarded by the company. An Earnsured representatives should be able to help both veteran and novice investors to understand the structure of the company and describe its interaction with clients and partners.

The representatives reside in different countries so they can speak several languages, which will surely be useful for passing necessary information to prospective investors.

Each representative will be carefully scrutinized and selected as they would be the company’s direct frontman in their various countries.

Affiliate commission for representatives is fixed at 8%, aside that and monthly salaries, representatives can expect extra motivation in the form of incentives when they have an outstanding performance within a stipulated time frame.

For more detailed information and instructions on how to become an Earnsured representative kindly send an email to